Foreign travel advice


Warnings and insurance

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) provides advice about risks of travel to help British nationals make informed decisions. Find out more about FCDO travel advice.

At about 22h00 French time on Saturday 2 December, an attacker killed one person in the Bir-Hakeim - Grenelle area of Paris, and injured at least one other.  The attacker was subsequently arrested.  The French authorities are advising people to avoid the area, where a heavy police presence is in force.  Please continue to follow the advice of the French authorities.

France National threat level

Following a fatal attack in Arras, northern France on 13 October 2023, France has raised its national threat level to the highest level (‘Emergency Attack Level’). This threat level is described as ‘maximum vigilance and protection in the event of an imminent threat of a terrorist act or in the immediate aftermath of an attack’. Evacuations of crowded places may take place, including:

  • airports
  • public transport stations and stops
  • tourist sites
  • major sports venues
  • schools
  • places of worship
  • large commercial centres

Stay alert, be prepared for heightened security checks and follow the advice of local authorities. See the Safety and Security section for more information.

Demonstrations in France related to the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

There have been some demonstrations in France related to the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. French authorities have increased security around Jewish community sites. Stay aware of your surroundings and follow the advice of local authorities.

Before you travel

No travel can be guaranteed safe. Read all the advice in this guide as well as support for British nationals abroad which includes:

  • advice on preparing for travel abroad and reducing risks
  • information for women, LGBT and disabled travellers

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Travel insurance

If you choose to travel, research your destinations and get appropriate travel insurance. Insurance should cover your itinerary, planned activities and expenses in an emergency.