Meet biodiversity net gain requirements: steps for developers

What you need to do as a developer to meet biodiversity net gain (BNG) requirements.

Applies to England

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1. Find out about BNG 

Understanding BNG 

Check if your development is exempt from BNG 

2. Decide how you’ll achieve BNG 

Find out how you can achieve BNG 

What you can count towards a development’s BNG 

3. Measure a habitat or development’s impact on biodiversity 

Calculate the biodiversity value of your site before development 

Calculate how many units your development needs 

4. Follow the steps for the BNG option you choose 

There are different steps for each option in the biodiversity gain hierarchy. You can combine all 3 options. 

Make on-site gains 

Secure your significant on-site gains with a legal agreement

Get planning permission 

Submit your habitat management and monitoring plan for significant on-site gains 

Submit a biodiversity gain plan 

Find out more about how to make on-site gains 

Make off-site gains 

Find off-site units for sale  

Secure your off-site gains with a legal agreement

Get planning permission 

Agree to buy units 

Record the allocation of off-site gains to your development

Submit your habitat management and monitoring plan 

Submit a biodiversity gain plan 

Find out more about how to make off-site biodiversity gains  

Buy statutory biodiversity credits

This option is a last resort if you cannot achieve on-site or off-site BNG

Get planning permission 

Discuss statutory credits with your local planning authority

Estimate how much statutory credits will cost 

Check the price of statutory biodiversity credits 

Buy statutory biodiversity credits 

Submit a biodiversity gain plan 

Give5. feedback

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Off-site shortunits survey.

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Published 29 November 2023
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  1. Added information about delivering 10% BNG for 30 years.

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