Submit a biodiversity gain plan

A biodiversity gain plan shows how a development will achieve biodiversity net gain.

Applies to England

ThisBiodiversity draftnet guidancegain explains what will apply when (BNG) becomesis mandatory.mandatory Wefrom will12 continueFebruary to update this guidance.2024.

The purpose of the plan is to: 

  • clearly and consistently demonstrate how development proposals meet the statutory regulations requirements
  • provide evidence for your biodiversity net gain (BNG) decisions 
  • help local planning authorities (LPAs) to determine whether the development meets the BNG requirements 

Download the plan template 

Developers mustshould complete a biodiversity gain plan template. ThereThere’s area differentstandard templatestemplate for: 

  • majorand developmentsa andseparate smalltemplate sites
  • for phased developments

Find out more about the planning process, as well as legal and technical parts of the biodiversity gain plan

What to include with your plan 

Developers need to provide their:  

  • completed metric tool calculation
  • pre-development and post-development plans (showing the location of on-site habitat, the direction of north and drawn to an identified scale) 

Developers must also provide: 

  • a compensation plan if the development affects irreplaceable habitats 
  • biodiversity net gain register reference numbers if they’re buyingusing off-site units 
  • proof of purchase if they’re buying statutory biodiversity credits 
  • a description of how they will manage and monitor significant on-site gains (for example, with a habitat management and monitoring plan

Find forout off-sitemore orabout significantwhat on-siteto gains include in your biodiversity gain plan.

Phased developments

For phased developments there are separate requirements. You will need to complete: 

  • an overall biodiversity gain plan   
  • a phase biodiversity gain plan

Submit your plan 

You can submit the biodiversity gain plan to your LPA after they approve your planning application. 

Your planning permission includes athe general biodiversity gain condition, so you cannot start the development until the LPA approves your biodiversity gain plan and biodiversity metric tool calculation.

Get a decision 

The LPA has 8 weeks to approve or refuse your biodiversity gain plan. If they approve it, you willcan havestart dischargedthe (fulfilled) your general biodiversity gain condition. development.

If you do not meet your BNG requirements, the LPA can take enforcement action against you. You willmay be in breach of: 

  • planning conditions  
  • planning obligations  
  • your legal agreement

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Published 29 November 2023
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  1. Updated box at top of page to state that biodiversity net gain (BNG) is mandatory from 12 February 2024 and removed the 'draft guidance' label. Added phased developments template link.

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