Creating a habitat management and monitoring plan for biodiversity net gain BNG

What to include in a habitat management and monitoring plan (HMMP) to improve biodiversity for the long term.  

Applies to England

ThisBiodiversity draftnet guidancegain explains what will apply when (BNG) becomesis mandatory.mandatory Wefrom will12 continueFebruary to update this guidance.2024.

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    • createwho andis enhanceresponsible habitats for biodiversitymaintenance, netmanagement gainand (BNGmonitoring 
    • manage

    Your andlegal monitoragreement thefor habitatoff-site or on-site gains must last for at least 30 years  


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It’swithin stronglyyour recommendedlegal thatagreement youor draft it as a separate document. 

You should work with an ecologist or competent professional to write your HMMP.

Agreeing your HMMP 

For off-site gains 

If you’re delivering off-site gains, your HMMP should be agreed with one of the following: 

  • the local planning authority (LPA) if you’re securing gains through a planning obligation (section 106 agreement) 
  • athe responsible body if you’re securing gains with a conservation covenant  

ForSignificant significant on-site enhancements 

IfYou you’reneed ato developerdescribe deliveringhow significantyou’ll on-sitemaintain enhancements,and you’llmonitor needthe tohabitat submitenhancement. theYou finalshould submit a HMMP with the biodiversity gain plan.  plan

You should also submit a draft HMMP with your planning application. 

Find out more information in the planning practice guidance.

What to include in an HMMP 

AnYou should work with an ecologist or competent professional will help you understand what and how much detail to includewrite in your HMMP. You’llThey needwill help you to giveunderstand informationwhat about:  to include. For example:

  • how you plan to manage the off-site gains or significant on-site enhancements, taking into account any legal restrictions and requirements 
  • when and how you’ll monitor habitats (this will vary for different types of habitat) 
  • when and how you’ll report monitoring results 
  • when and how you’ll review management proposals  
  • how you’llyou’ll  restorechange habitatsthe ifway you manage the managementhabitat, planso isthat notyou working achieve the habitats or wider outcome  

YouContact shouldthe discuss with your LPA anyor extraresponsible requirementsbody to theyfind mightout haveif foryou yourneed to include other information in the HMMP.

Using the HMMP template 

There’s a set of HMMP tools including a template, checklist and companion guide, to help you write your HMMP.  

The HMMP template is a guide with a structure to help you show details of your project. You do not need to fill in every section as not all of it will be relevant to you.  

The template can be used for projects of all sizes. It’s suitable for significant on-site enhancements and for off-site gains. 

The template’s companion document lists habitat condition and assessment criteria. 

Designing your own HMMP  

If you design your own HMMP, you can refer to the checklist in the HMMP tools as a reminder for what you needshould to include.  


Working with an ecologist 

If you’re using the HMMP template, the ecologist working with you should write a statement of competence in the relevant section. TheyIf your site has a watercourse element they should have the appropriate habitat specialismsspecialisms.

Long toterm covermanagement  

If the watercourseland element. 

Longchanges termhands, managementyou ofmay significantneed on-siteto enhancements 

update the HMMP.

ForGive significantfeedback on-siteon enhancements,this arrangementsguidance willby needcompleting toa beshort insurvey.

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