How to make a referral to us

What you need to do it you want to make a referral to the Regulator of Social Housing.

Applies to England

What is a referral?

A referral is information, allegations, or complaints that tell us that a social housing landlord may not be delivering the outcomes of our standards.

You can tell us if you think that a landlord is not delivering what we expect of them.

We receive referrals from different people including  tenants, shared owners, local councillors or MPs, and employees of landlords.  

This is not the way to resolve individual disputes between social housing tenants and their landlord. You can find out more about making a complaint here.

What to include in a referral

If you want to make a referral, please tell us:

  • The name of the social housing landlord you want to tell us about
  • A few details about why you think the landlord is not delivering the outcomes of the regulatory standards. This might include telling us about whether any other social housing tenants may be affected by the issue.
  • Whether you have reported this issue to the landlord and if so, what the outcome of that was.
  • Whether you have reported this issue to anyone else, such as the Housing Ombudsman and the Building Safety Regulator
  • Your name, address, and contact information, if you wish

How to make a referral

You can make a referral to us about a landlord registered with us, by contacting our Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries team.


Write to:

Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries team
Regulator of Social Housing
Level 2
7-8 Wellington Place
United Kingdom

or call 0300 124 5225

What to expect after you make a referral

We will evaluate what you have told us and assess whether it is something that we are able to act on. If we are not able to help, we will tell you that, and also tell you if there are other organisations that may be able to help.

We may ask you to send us more information.

We may contact the landlord to ask them for more information about what you’ve told us. You can ask that we do not share your details with the landlord.

There are different things that we can do if the information is something that we can act on. In some cases we may use the information to help us to prioritise and scope future inspections.

In some cases we may carry out responsive engagement with the provider to understand whether they are meeting the outcomes of our standards.

In some cases we may decide to carry out an inspection.

Privacy notice

Our privacy notice explains how we process and protect your personal information in line with data protection legislation and sets out your rights.

Published 2 April 2024