Slurry Infrastructure grant: information for local planning authorities

Help with planning applications for slurry management on farms.

Applies to England



Read this guidance if you’re a local planning authority receiving applications relating to slurry management on farms.

If you’re a farmer applying for a Slurry Infrastructure grant, read the guidance for applicants.

The grant is available to pig, beef and dairy farmers whose farming systems produce slurry. It helps replace, build new or expand existing slurry stores to provide 6 months’ storage.

Published 12 May 2023
Last updated 152 FebruaryApril 2024 + show all updates
  1. Further explanation of why Natural England expects to send a standardised response to local planning authorities (LPAs), including signposting to April 2023 letter with the checklist of evidence used by Slurry Infrastructure grant applicants.

  2. Removed heading section, Checklist of evidence from applicants. This is guidance for the applicant on what to include rather than the LPA. It is covered in the Slurry Infrastructure grant applicant guidance.

  3. The advice to local planning authorities (LPAs) for slurry applications has changed. The old guidance and letter to LPAs have been replaced with the new process. In most cases, Natural England expects to be able to send standardised responses to planning consultations from LPAs advising that the environmental risks are low and further assessment will not be required. Natural England has also replaced Rural Payments Agency as the lead organisation.

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