UN Human Rights Council 55: Statement for the Interactive Dialogue on Technical Assistance for South Sudan

Statement for the Interactive Dialogue with the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights on technical assistance for South Sudan. Delivered by the UK's Human Rights Ambassador, Rita French.

Rita French

Thank you, Mr. Vice-President.

We welcome OHCHR’s report, and commend their continued engagement with South Sudan, including through its continued provision of technical assistance. 

South Sudan is at a critical point in its journey toward lasting peace, stability, and full respect for human rights. The preparation for and conduct of its upcoming elections, ensuring these are peaceful, inclusive and credible, will be a crucial test.

This report sets out the grave human rights situation in South Sudan, and is clear that the country’s justice, accountability and rule of law framework remains weak. South Sudan faces multiple and inter-related challenges, not least the impacts of the Sudan conflict.

The technical assistance and capacity building role played by OHCHR, UNMISS, the Commission for Human Rights in South Sudan, and the wider international community, is critical; however, the government of South Sudan also needs to play a more proactive role in protecting its people and ensuring accountability.

Mr Salazar-Volkmann,

What steps should the Government of South Sudan take to ensure perpetrators of human rights violations are held to account, particularly in the prelude to planned elections?

Thank you.

Published 2 April 2024