Building Safety Fund guidance for new applications from July 2022

Information on the Building Safety Fund (BSF).

Applies to England


ThisThe pagegovernment isannounced forthe responsibleBuilding entitiesSafety whoFund have(Fund) appliedin March 2020 to fund the Buildingremediation Safetyof Fundcladding (BSF)on sincehigh-rise itresidential reopenedbuildings in(buildings Julyover 202218 ormetres). thoseThe areFund thinkingopened offor Ifapplications, youand appliedwith toadaptions, theon Fund28 inJuly 2020,2022 referfor toeligible the guidancebuildings forwithout applicationsa madefunding solution in 2020place.

The BSFFund is part of the government’s wider buildingBuilding safetySafety programmeProgramme which aims to ensure that residents livingof in medium-rise (11m to 18m) and high-rise buildings (over 18m) are (and feel) safe in their homes,homes - now and in the future.

The BSFFund meets the cost of addressing life-safety fire risks associated with cladding in high-rise residential buildingsbuildings, where the building owner or developer can’t afford do so.

IfThe youFund areis aopen leaseholderfor ornew residentapplications from responsible entities of aprivate buildingor insocial the BSF,sector readbuildings ourthat pagemeet containingthe Leaseholderfollowing andcriteria:

  • buildings residentthat informationare on18 themetres Buildingor Safetyabove Fund.(with We30cm tolerance),
  • buildings have alsoat published generalleast informationone onqualifying residential leaseholder protections.

    How(with tothe applyexception of social-sector landlords applying due to thefinancial Buildingviability Safetyconcerns),

  • the Fund

    Thebuilding BSFmust openedhave forcladding, newas applicationsdefined in Julythe 2022PAS for9980:2022 eligiblecode of practice,

  • buildings withouthave a fundingFire solutionRisk inAppraisal place.

    of External Wall construction (FRAEW) following the PAS 9980:2022 methodology which recommends actions to address fire risks to life safety presented by the external wall system.

All new Applicants must:should provide a FRAEW following the PAS9980:2022 methodology unless they have:

  • readcommitted the eligibilityto guidance andor ensurestarted thatworks theirto buildingremove meetsand thereplace criteria,cladding on or after 11 March 2020 but before 28 July 2022, and
  • completenot completed works to remove and submitreplace cladding by 28 July 2022 and the application formis for these works.

ApplicationsOnce fromaccepted, high-riseyour residentialapplication buildingswill inbe asubject Londonto boroughtechnical shouldchecks. continueFollowing tosuccessful bereview madeyou will need to theestablish Buildingyour Safetyworks Fund. Newspecification applicationsand forcomplete buildingsfurther outsidechecks. LondonThese (andare medium-risecarried buildingsout inworking London)with shouldDLUHC’s bedelivery madepartners to- the Claddingeither Safetythe SchemeGreater (CSS) deliveredLondon byAuthority or Homes England.

FromThe 8Fund’s Aprilclosure 2024,date newwill applicantsbe topublished eitherwith reasonable notice.

If you are a leaseholder or resident of a building in the BSF, orsee CSSthe shouldLeaseholder makeand theirresident applicationsinformation throughon the Building RemediationSafety HubFund.

How wefor usefurther support to help understand the BSF process. We have also published information applicantson provideleaseholder protections more generally.

1. Application guidance

TheThis informationguidance applicantsis provide,for excludingnew personalApplicants data,and maygives beinformation shared.on However,the Building informationSafety thatFund, how isit protectedwill bywork and legislationwhat ornew isApplicants confidentialcan willexpect notduring bethe shared.application process.

DLUHCBuilding sharesSafety informationFund for addressing life safety fire risks associated with leaseholderscladding andin residentshigh aboutrise whobuildings (England only): new applications from July 2022

If you applied to contactthe BSF in June/July 2020, please refer to obtainguidance informationfor onexisting BSF-fundedBSF remediationApplicants ofwhich theirexplains building.what Thisyou helpsneed ensureto thatdo thoseto responsibleprogress foryour fixingapplication.

2. buildingsHow communicateto regularlyapply withfor allthe residentsBuilding onSafety Fund

Applicants must:

Supporting isdocuments:

  • FRAEW setReport outwith insupporting BSFdocumentation guidance(not forapplicable applicantsto your application if you committed to or started works to remove and inreplace thecladding Codebetween of11 PracticeMarch for2020 and 28 July 2022 (refer to the RemediationTechnical guidance for applicants of Residentialbuilding  

    Infunding 2023,applying wefor publishedfunding thevia companyPAS names9980:2022 for more information),

  • Evidence of responsiblethe entities,height managingof agentsthe andbuilding,
  • Document developersconfirming (wherethat theythe works are takingnot responsibilityaffordable for(private theregistered remediationproviders of buildings)social housing only),
  • Vendor Form SAP7B (private registered providers for eachSocial buildingHousing only).

Further information and details on supporting documents can be found in the LeaseholderBuilding andSafety ResidentFund Serviceguidance for new applications 2022.  


Use facilitateof mortgageinformation lending,provided DLUHCin sharesrelation basicto addressapplications to the Fund

The information (noprovided personalby data)applicants aboutto the followingFund, buildingsexcluding withpersonal specificdata, mortgagemay lenders:be shared, as described below. Information that is protected by legislation or is confidential will not be shared.

  • buildings

    DLUHC whereshares BSFinformation fundingwith hasleaseholders beenand approved:residents high-riseabout buildingswho withto non-Aluminiumcontact Compositeto Materialobtain (non-ACM)information claddingon systems.

  • buildingsthe withremediation otherof governmenttheir fundingbuilding. inThis placeis to removehelp unsafeensure Aluminiumthat Compositethose Materialresponsible (ACM)for claddingfixing systems.
buildings communicate regularly.

TheseFrom mortgageMarch lenders2023, mustwe commitshare:

  • the toorganisation usingname thisof informationthe indeveloper awho controlledhas waysigned the developer remediation contract and committed to taking responsibility for the specificremediation purpose of informinglife-critical, lendingfire-safety decisionsdefects on flatsbuildings inover buildings18 impactedmetres byhigh externalin wallthe systemBSF.

You defects.can Thisaccess willthe helpFund’s prospectiveprivacy buyersnotice tofor accessnew mortgage2022 financeapplications which outlines how and leaseholderswhy towe selluse your personal information and re-mortgage.your rights and responsibilities.

Your3. questions?General enquiries

If you are responsible for the safety of a building and have an enquiry about the reopened Building Safety Fund, pleaseemail: email:

Published 28 July 2022
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  1. Guidance has been updated to reflect the Building Remediation Hub opening on 8 April 2024.

  2. Added a section on use of information provided in relation to applications to the Fund.