UN Human Rights Council 55: UK Statement for Interactive Dialogue on Haiti

Statement for Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner on Haiti. Delivered by UK Human Rights Ambassador, Rita French.

Rita French

Thank you, Mr. Vice-President.

Let me begin by thanking Mr O’Neill for his comprehensive report.

We strongly support the Haitian people’s demands for security, stability, and justice, and we appreciate the continued cooperation of the Haitian authorities.

The widespread human rights abuses detailed in the report are extremely alarming. Exploitation and abuse of children by criminal gangs, as well as the increasing use of sexual violence to spread fear, subjugate and punish communities are particularly concerning. The collective trauma suffered by the population will no doubt affect generations to come.

The United Kingdom has introduced sanctions against perpetrators of human rights abuses in Haiti. We also co-sponsored the new sanctions designations in December by the Security Council.

Moreover, we continue to support the Multinational Security Support Mission and its rapid deployment in 2024.

We are also proud to support the renewal of the mandate of the human rights expert.

Deputy High Commissioner,

Which concrete measures can be taken to support communities that have been heavily destabilised by gang violence?

Thank you.

Published 2 April 2024