Windrush Compensation Scheme: caseworker guidance

Immigration staff guidance for decision makers considering cases under the Windrush Compensation Scheme.


Windrush Compensation Scheme casework guidance


UK Visas and Immigration guidance for staff on how to consider claims under the Windrush Compensation Scheme.

Applicants who wish to make a claim should visit the Windrush Compensation Scheme page.

Any archived version provided on this page is for reference only and is no longer current guidance.

Published 4 April 2019
Last updated 239 AprilJuly 2024 + show all updates
  1. Updates to 'Initial Assessment and Preliminary Award' and 'When to consider claims out of order'.

  2. Updated the sections on Close Family Members: spouses and unmarried partners, Medical Reports: guidance on commissioning expert medical evidence and Impact on Life: supporting information.

  3. Updates to sections: 'close family member' and 'initial assessment and preliminary award'.

  4. Updates to: Identity: procedure; Minimum amount of information required; People who lost settled status in the UK after 2 years overseas; the children/grandchildren eligibility criteria; Loss of access to employment; how the Taskforce is referred to (now the Windrush Help Team).

  5. Updates to people who lost settled status in the UK after 2 years overseas and requesting more information and evidence section.

  6. Updated guidance.

  7. Guidance updated with changes to the living costs section.

  8. Added version 9.0 of guidance.

  9. Updated to reflect changes to the scheme. New section: minimum amount of information required; Updated section: homelessness; Updated section: impact on life; Updated section: preliminary award; Updated section: referrals to medical experts; New section: living costs; Updated section: non-reviewable decisions.

  10. Replaced guidance with a new version.

  11. Updated guidance.

  12. Updated guidance.

  13. Updated guidance.

  14. Uploaded version 4 of Windrush Compensation Scheme casework guidance and archived version 3.

  15. Updated Windrush compensation scheme casework guidance.

  16. New document added.

  17. First published.