Cladding Safety Scheme

Guidance for organisations taking part in the Homes England Cladding Safety Scheme to address fire risks.

Applies to England



The Cladding Safety Scheme (CSS) is a fund that addresses fire risks associated with cladding on residential buildings.

These documents include guidance on who can apply and how to apply for funding.

Apply for funding from the Cladding Safety Scheme.

Published 24 July 2023
Last updated 1 NovemberDecember 2023 + show all updates
  1. Amendments made to the Cladding Safety Scheme overview under Eligibility: building height, and Social sector applicants: financial viability applications. Amendments made to the Applying for funding for the Cladding Safety Scheme under Submission and funding decision on your full works application.

  2. Information added to state that FRAEWs must be provided by a Fire Risk Assessor from the Homes England accredited panel from 1 November 2023.

  3. Further guidance added on financial viability applications for social sector applicants.

  4. Additional information added to Submitting your works and costs, with reference to the Building Safety Regulator's requirement for buildings over 18 metres.

  5. Added further clarity to 'Applying for Funding for the Cladding Safety Scheme' based on feedback from applicants.

  6. Added further information under Payment profile about submitting a cost report and what it should cover.

  7. Updated the 'What we will fund' section in 'Cladding Safety Scheme overview' and the 'VAT' section in 'Applying for funding for the Cladding Safety Scheme'.

  8. First published.