How to publish special advisers’ gifts, hospitality and meetings

Template for GOV.UK publication page for departmental core transparency data, to be published quarterly.

Prepare the data

The Cabinet Office Transparency Data team has provided this guidance on how to preparecollect and interpret your for publication

Special Advisers Transparency Guidance (PDF, 191151 KB, 14 pages)

They will commission you with - CSV (comma-separated values) templates, timing and support on appropriate approval processes.

This guidance will apply to transparency data for the period of January - March 2024 onwards, to be published in due course.onwards.

Government is committed to publishing this data quarterly.

Publish the data

Create a new GOV.UK publication page for each data release.
Create a collection page on GOV.UK for all data releases, with links to each individual publication page.

Consider creating a collection page for each individual data set

Publication page template

The publication title, summary, detail and file name is a government standard and must not be changed.

Publication type: Transparency data

Title: [Department name or acronym]: special advisers’ gifts, hospitality and meetings, [month to month] [year]

Example Title: “Cabinet Office: Special advisers’ gifts, hospitality and meetings, April to June 2024”

Summary: Data on gifts and hospitality received by special advisers, and meetings they attended with senior media figures.


[Department] publishes quarterly details of special advisers’ meetings with senior media figures and any gifts or hospitality they received on a quarterly basis.

This data is also available on

  • [add bulleted links to the pages this data also appears on]


Policies: Government transparency and accountability

Policy areas: Government efficiency, transparency and accountability

CSV attachment titles:


  • [Department]’s special advisers’ gifts, [month to month] [year]
  • [Department]’s special advisers’ hospitality, [month to month] [year]
  • [Department]’s special advisers’ meetings with senior media figures, [month to month] [year]


For aexample:

  1. Cabinet linkOffice onspecial

Whenadvisers thegifts datasetJanuary isto published,March add2025

  • Cabinet aOffice linkspecial advisers hospitality January to itMarch in2025
  • Cabinet yourOffice department’sspecial sectionadvisers onmeetings

    with senior media figures January to March 2025
  • Collection page [GOV.UK]

    Add the new publication to your department’s collection page for this data.

    Make sure the collection page is tagged to the Government transparency and accountability policy.

    Collection page template

    Title: [Department name or acronym]: special advisers’ gifts, hospitality and meetings

    Summary: This collection brings together all documents about [department]’s special advisers’ gifts, hospitality and meetings with senior media figures.

    Body (optional):
    [Department] publishes details of meetings between special advisers and senior media figures. It also includes details of gifts and hospitality received by special advisers.

    Subheadings: Add headings for each calendar year, most recent first.

    DATA.GOV.UK page templates

    IfWhen therethe aredataset nois reportspublished, add a link to it in your department’s section on

    We recommend that this is maintained as a series of collection pages listing all historic publications on GOV.UK with a direct link to the .CSV resource.
    A individual page will need to be maintained for each of the following:

    1. Gifts,
    2. Hospitality, and
    3. Meetings with Senior Media Figures.

    Title: [Department]: Special Advisers [the specific data set]
    Example - a quarter,page addfor ‘Nothingeach wasdata reportedset:

    1. Cabinet inOffice [monthSpecial Advisers Gifts Data
    2. Cabinet Office Special Advisers Hospitality Data
    3. Cabinet Office Special Advisers Meetings Data

    Summary: This is a collection and collation page for an element of [your department] Special Advisers Transparency publications [see published here: {your special advisers transparency collation pages on}].

    Guidance: Each CSV published on GOV.UK will be listed here, to month]enable [year].’easy underaccess to a single stream of data on Special Advisers. Please use the heading.naming conventions present on to ensure data is accurately described and dated to specific period and year.

    Historical Data

    Where possible - review historical datasets on and convert these to CSV format for ease of use within both and for referencing within
    Do not ever archive or remove historical publications from

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