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Democratic Republic of the Congo

! Warning FCDO advises against all travel to parts of Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Warnings and insurance

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The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) provides advice about risks of travel to help British nationals make informed decisions. Find out more about FCDO travel advice.

Since 5 February 2024 there have been a number of protests outside Western embassies in Kinshasa including the British Embassy on 9 February 2024. These protests are ongoing over the weekend of 10-11 February 2024 including along the Boulevard de 30 Juin. Protesters have started small fires and there have been some instances of foreign and diplomatic cars having stones and rocks thrown at them.them and in some cases set on fire. Protests have the potential to quickly turn violent but so far we have received no reports of injuries. There is a high likelihood that protests will take place in Kinshasa on 12 February 2024 and that foreigners could be indiscriminately targeted. Protests could spread to other parts of DRC. A protest has been called for 12 February 2024 in Goma outside the MONUSCO Headquarters.

We advise all British Nationals to remain vigilant, avoid areas where protests are taking place (see protests and demonstrations).demonstrations) and to limit movement as much as possible in Kinshasa and Goma. During this period British Nationals should expect to see a heavier than usual police presence and traffic could be disrupted.

Areas where FCDO advises against travel

Your travel insurance could be invalidated if you travel against FCDO advice.

DRC-Central African Republic border

FCDO advises against all travel to within 50km of the border with the Central African Republic.

Eastern DRC  

FCDO advises against all travel to the provinces of:

  • Haut-Uélé and Ituri, including the entire DRC-South Sudan border
  • North Kivu, except the city of Goma, where FCDO advises against all but essential travel
  • South Kivu, except the city of Bukavu, where FCDO advises against all but essential travel
  • Maniema
  • Tanganyika
  • Haut-Lomami

Territory in Mai-Ndombe Province

FCDO advises against all travel to the Kwamouth territory of Mai-Ndombe Province. This is between, and including, the towns of Kwamouth, Bandundu and the southern border of Mai-Ndombe province.

Areas in Kinshasa Province

FCDO advises against all but essential travel to:

  • the districts of N’djili and Kimbanseke in Kinshasa city, south of the main access road to N’djili airport, in Nsele commune
  • the N1 road in Kinshasa Province, between and including Menkao to the west, Kenge to the east, the border of Mai-Ndombe province to the north, and 10km to the south

Kasaï Oriental, Kasaï, Kasaï Central

FCDO advises against all travel to the province of Kasaï Oriental.

FCDO advises against all but essential travel to the provinces of Kasaï and Kasaï Central.

See details about why FCDO advises against travel.       

Before you travel

No travel can be guaranteed safe. Read all the advice in this guide and any specific travel advice that applies to you:

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Travel insurance

If you choose to travel, research your destinations and get appropriate travel insurance. Insurance should cover your itinerary, planned activities and expenses in an emergency.